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[ Paradise Programming ]


Program Name :-  Undeletion Wizard

Version :- 1.0  FREEWARE

Operating Environment :-  Win 9x/ME

Program Description :-

Undeletion Wizard can undelete files from fat-32 partitions. The wizard can search your fat-32 volumes for undeletable files . It can search directories recursively for undeletable files. It can also search and undelete files within deleted directories.

Undeletion Wizard uses  low level disk access for reading the deleted file's contents from the file system. All disk writes are done  through standard file I/O functions. So Undeletion Wizard has no chance to damage your fat-32 file system .


Undeletion Wizard is FREE for NON-COMMERCIAL USE.


Undeletion Wizard comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY. The author will not be responsible for any damage caused either directly or indirectly due to this program.

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