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AutoShutdown v1.1                       win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP            Download (zipped, size 82Kb)

Program Descriptions

AutoShutdown automates the shutdown / reboot / power off / log off of your computer . The program can be setup to activate at any specified time or at the end of any specified process . Instant shutdown / reboot / power off / log off is possible from the tray menu .

If you want to start AutoShutdown automatically at windows startup please copy the program (or its shortcut) to the windows 'startup' folder.

[ Note !! ]

* Power off option works only if your computer supports the power off feature .
* Log off option works only if your windows version supports log off .
* The 'force if hung' option for program termination is available only in windows NT/2000.
* Beep option plays the default sound event at activation if your pc has a sound card , else it just beeps




AutoShutdown comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY . The author of this program will not be responsible for any damage caused either directly or indirectly by the use of this program .

Version History

1.0 - first release
1.1 - code added to make autoshutdown remember its previous settings.

                   Program coded completely and entirely by Sreejith S <