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FileSplit v2-c                       win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP                      Download (zipped, size 74Kb)

Program Descriptions

FileSplit is a file splitting utility. The program can split files by size and by number. It can split files to floppies. The program will find the free space in the inserted floppy disk and will write a segment of that much size to the floppy . The process continues till the entire file is split and transferred to floppies. The same program can be used to join split files. To join the split segments the user need to select only the first split segment. The program will find and join the remaining of the segments. The segments can also be joined to the original file without FileSplit >> simple copy /b seg1 + /b seg2 .... targetfile will join the segment files to original file




                   Program coded completely and entirely by Sreejith S <