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Paradise Programming is the programming page of Sreejith S (sreejithsin@hotpop.com).Here you will find the various programs written by me. All programs are FREE. Bug reports and comments are welcome.

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Programs for Windows

Partition Rescue v1.0

Partition Rescue backs up your disk's partition system to //partition rescue floppy disk//. If your disk's partition system gets damaged you can restore it by booting your system using this rescue disk. It can recover your disk from damaged partition table, missing partitions, virus attack etc.

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XConsole v1.0

XConsole allows you to create and manage keyboard shortcuts. XConsole can create keyboard shortcuts to launch programs installed in your computer and also to invoke functions like increase/decrease sound volume, eject cd tray, close cd tray, start screen saver etc

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Undeletion Wizard v1.1

Undeletion wizard can recover deleted files from your hard disk. Currently file undeletion is possible only from fat32 partitions. Undeletion wizard can search your hard disk for undeletable files. Advanced search options allows you to search by specifying the deleted file name (whole or part), extension or by names of deleted directories in which the file resided.

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FlopShow v1.2

FlopShow is a file recovery plus file undeletion tool for floppies. FlopShow can recover files from bad , damaged floppy disks and undelete files from good ones. FlopShow can also make and restore floppy disk images.

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Cookie Eater v1.0

Cookie Eater can destroy the cookies present in your internet cache. Cookie eater searches your cache for cookies and displays all cookies present. You can then select and destroy the cookies which you don't need. You can also edit cookie contents and can also find more information about them

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AutoShutdown v1.1

AutoShutdown automates the shutdown , reboot, log off, power off of your computer. AutoShutdown can be setup to activate at any specified time or at the end of any specified process. Instant shutdown/reboot/log off/power off is also possible by right clicking the tray menu.

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DiskView v1.0

DiskView is a very simple disk editor for windows. You can view  the sector contents of your drives using DiskView.

Download  DiskView (zipped, size 126Kb)

FileSplit v2-c

FileSplit can split your files to small segments. FileSplit can split files by size or by number. It also allows easy splitting and transfer of large files to multiple floppies.

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Programs for Linux


Cpuload shows the current load on your system's processor. The program features a rotating cube whose speed of rotation is proportional to the load on your processor

Download program + source (zipped, size7Kb)


Tarang is an audio mixer program for linux. 

Download program + source (zipped, size9Kb)


splitit is a file splitting program for linux. 

Download program + source (zipped, size6Kb)


A very simple LISP interpreter written using Lex and YACC. 

Download program + source (zipped, size11Kb)

Programs for DOS


Splitter is a file splitting program for DOS. Splitter can split files by size & number. It can also split and transfer files to floppies.

Download program (zipped, size 29 Kb)


A file recovery program for floppy disks.

Download program (zipped, size 18Kb)


A file undeletion program for floppy disks.

Download program (zipped, size 21Kb)


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       All programs listed above were coded completely and entirely by Sreejith S < sreejithsin@hotpop.com